Showing of Film Trailer of Innocence of Muslims to push through despite Chancellor’s prohibition

I have just learned that the Chancellor of UP Diliman has issued an order forbidding the showing of the trailer of the movie “Innocence of Muslims”. That order however is in direct contravention of my academic freedom and freedom of expression. It is in the nature of prior restraint. I will hence still show the movie trailer as scheduled today at 6:30pm at rm 305 of Malcolm Hall, UP College of Law

I am showing it in my class on Constitutional Law 2 where we are discussing freedom of expression, freedom of religion and ironically, even academic freedom which we are scheduled to start with today.

My license to show the trailer is granted by the Constitution and Human Rights Law. It falls under both academic freedom and freedom of expression. Hence, the Chancellor’s prohibition is tantamount to exceeding his jurisdiction amounting to lack of jurisdiction. We are viewing the film clip in connection with our ongoing study on freedom of expression .No order from the Chancellor or from anyone else can infringe on these rights.  I am showing it because unless we see it, we will not know what is depicted in the film. Unless we see it, we cannot make a judgment on it. This is why there is a constitutional commitment to this freedom. It is only in the free marketplace of ideas that we can discern the truth and form our individual opinions.

I warn those who will try to prevent me from discharging my functions as an academic and as a lawyer that I will hold them civilly and criminally liable.

I will persist with the showing to uphold the freedom which was the first to be suppressed by the dictatorship , which we are painfully recalling today.This is irony.

The public is welcome.

34 comments on “Showing of Film Trailer of Innocence of Muslims to push through despite Chancellor’s prohibition

  1. Tomas Mendoza says:

    Be careful. You might be putting the life of your students in danger. I don’t understand why you have to publicize the showing of the film when it would be done in the context of a classroom discussion. Why the need for so much fanfare?

  2. Mubarakami Mohamad (Professor, Mindanao State University) says:

    I’m attending

  3. Asha108 says:

    Excellent. Keep up the fight for freedom.
    Never give in to the Islamists and their tools in the Left.
    God Bless!

  4. chito b says:

    wow. we’re behind you. ingats harry…

  5. nick says:

    Good for you! If we don’t fight against every small step toward medieval shariah law,every attempt at appeasement then we will eventualy lose everything. Give this savage tribal ideology the ridicule all civilized people must show it .

  6. lousyass says:

    You mean freedom of hate speech?

  7. Ph. says:

    Dear Harry, thank you for the courage. It’s a shame that showing a very stupid movie from some idiots trying to provoke other idiots needs courage.
    I think the only thing that can help is to produce more jokes, and more movies, and more comics…. Until these radicals loose interest behaving like hulk(s) in rage.
    Kind regards from Germany and all the best.
    People like you make the difference

  8. moray watson says:

    Thank you sir for upholding free speech and expression.

    Your friend in Canada.

    Moray Watson

  9. aaron a. legaspi says:

    I am with you on this particular case all the way harry. You are really a people’s lawyer as we can count in the fingers of one hand the current lawyer’s like you. How we wish that lawyer’s in the PAO has even a fraction of your ideals.

  10. Alexander "Lex" Adonis says:

    Even ordinary people have the right to see the said film Innocence of Muslims, much more for me that in a way I can translate and deliver it to the listening audience for their rights to be fully informed the message of the said film. Go go go Atty. Harry Roque!!!

  11. Rank Merida says:

    Go for it, Prof. Roque.
    Altho, I am sure you will agree that the video, if it was Jesus instead of Mohamed who was depicted, would also make some Christians go ballistic and even riot perhaps.
    BTW, are you in any way related to Fiscal Basilio Roque of Pagadian. His brother was a government municipal doctor of Dimataling, Zambo Sur? They were Ilocanos, and close friends of my parents.

  12. burndg says:

    Atty., ok lang sana yang freedom of expression natin kung hindi nakakalabas ng Pilipinas yang mga statements natin eh. Kaso kami napapahamak dito sa Saudi dahil sa mga kawalang ingat natin dyan sa Pilipinas. Internet generation na tayo ngayon at pati mga Arabo dito nababasa mga pinagsasasabi nyo. Huwag na kayo mandamay ng mga kapwa Pilipino na laging nalalagay sa alanganin dito sa Middle East. Sa mga Arabo pa namin nalaman na ipinalabas daw in public sa Pilipinas yang Innocence of Muslims. Kahit pa idahilan nyo na sa isang classroom lang yan pinalabas, hindi nila maiintindihan yun. Yun sinasabi nyo na may tiwala kayo sa katalinuhan ng mga kapatid na Muslim, eh hindi ninyo pinagukulan ng tamang katalinuhan. Makitid utak ng karamihang Arabo at hindi tatanggapin yang mga freedom of expression nyo na yan.

    Madami kayong pinaglalaban dati na sinusuportahan namin. Pero maging sensitibo din kayo minsan. Kasama din namin dito ang asawa at anak namin. National Day bukas dito sa Saudi Arabia. Sana walang masaktang Pilipino dahil sa public statement nyo na yan about “freedom of expression”.

    Alalahanin ninyo madami nang nasaktan at namatay na Pilipino dito dahil sa pagka-insensitibo ng ilang mga kababayan diyan sa Pilipinas.

  13. Weng Espiritu says:

    Hi Prof Harry Roque, the ethical dilemma in the proliferation of the film “Innocence of Muslims” between freedom of religion and freedom of expression is my topic for my Media Ethics final paper for one of my MA classes at CMC. Before this UP screening issue, my handle was supposed to be the possible decision of MTRCB to ban the film. However, I think this latest issue also needs to be addressed on my paper. I admire your conviction, Sir. In line with this, I’d like to inquire if you’re open for an interview, in person or via email for this topic.Thanks in advance – Weng Espiritu

  14. nelson nucup says:

    How can this film be viewed entirely?


  15. Nagulat lang po ako ano, kay Redd Tani yung Filipino Freethinker, pinaglalaban daw niya ang cybercrime law na yan dahil pwedeng kasuhan ang mga nagcocomment at mga gaya ko sa FB na islam critic. Free speech daw dapat free speech. Pano yan ilang beses akong na-ban ng FilipinoFreethinkers at lahat ng RH Bill page nila sa fb at iba pang atheist fb pages and groups nila (including “taga UP Ka kung” na group). Yung TUPDK na group sikat na sikat daming members, 33,000 plus yata… if I remember it right. Pano akala mo para sa mga taga UP ano pala ginawa lang to promote the RH Bill. Automatic banned ka kapag anti-RH ka. Mahirap yan, kapag ang mismong grupo na claim nilang sundalo umano sila ng FREE SPEECH eh sila mismo ang numero unong abusado at mahilig mang-harang sa tao gaya ko na ilang beses na nilang na-ban.

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