4 comments on “Plunder (again) of Malampaya funds

  1. rzaldyserna says:

    Reblogged this on no sense at all and commented:
    i bet they are all roman catholics

  2. rzaldyserna says:

    people are hungry, sick and beaten at times i say they should all be crucified

  3. Two points:

    (1) In the end, only the Supreme Court can say what is constitutional or not. The rest are legal opinions; and,

    (2) There is a reason why peace negotiations (and impeachment hearings) are not done mainly by lawyers–as its not only a question of constitutionality, but also of politics, economics, culture, history, etc.

    Still, I hope the Framework passes the constitutionality requirements.

  4. aaron a. legaspi says:

    Atty Roque with your expose on Gov. Reyes and Mitra’s mis-used – again of the Malampaya funds how come the administration of Noynoy with its platoons of lawyers plus the DOJ is not even lifting a finger. Are these two cons member of rich boy Mar’s Liberal Party? or they too much command votes like Chavit and Villafuerte Sr.

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