The Supreme Court today struck down key provisions of the government’s Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). The declaration of unconstitutionality of the DAP is a great victory for the Constitution and the Rule of Law. The applicable constitutional and statutory provisions on the matter of use of savings and augmentation are very clear – savings can come only from existing appropriations within the department of the government, including constitutional commissions and augmentations may only be effected if the original appropriation is found to be deficient. Thus, the Supreme Court rightly declared cross-border augmentations and augmentations of inexistent programs as unconstitutional and the withdrawal of the unobligated allotments before the end of the fiscal year for programs or projects not abandoned as unconstitutional transfer of appropriations.

Centerlaw, which filed one of the Petitions questioning the DAP before the High Court is elated at the decision of the Court. In the meantime, the Petitioners wait, as in the case of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), the criminal prosecution of those responsible for the DAP.

The unconstitutional transfer of appropriations was one of the principal causes for the unmitigated raid of the government’s coffers during the Marcos regime under Presidential Decree No. 1177 that allowed Marcos to plunder the government in the Billions of Dollars. Unlike the PDAF where previous decisions of the Supreme Court upheld its validity, the case of unconstitutional transfers of appropriation was decided as early as 1987 in the case of Demetria vs. Alba.The present administration cannot therefore claim good faith for its unconstitutional transgression. The declaration of unconstitutionality, is therefore, not enough. Aside from criminal prosecution for technical malversation, heads must roll for the illegal expenditures as is required under Section 43, Chapter 5, Book IV of the Administrative Code of 1987.

Centerlaw Chairperson Harry Roque states, “It is a great victory for the constitution and the rule of law. Our next task is to hold those responsible for DAP criminally responsible as well as those behind the PDAF scam.”


  1. Juan Nonga says:

    Atty Roque, what is the liability of innocent agency-end-users now that DAP was declared unconstitutional? If a little sum is yet unspent and the agencies spend them well now as they planned, will that make them liable too? Just asking, thanks

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